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Alexander has 48 years of life experience as student, intern, subordinate, boss, managing director, team worker, colleague and independent and has therefore a lots of understanding for his Coachees.
His clients like his wide experience, his very strong listening skills and his empathy. With pertinent questions, he helps his Coachees to get to the bottom line of their needs, to express them and to find solutions for them.

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Alexander Wurz

Alexander Wurz

Professional Certified Coach

Founder Open-i-Coaching, Corporate Consultant


Alexander is an experienced Coach, trainer, speaker and communication consultant working in a multi-national business setting. He has more than 24 years of experience with over 90 clients in 30 countries with more than 60 nationalities. He visited, lived and worked in 61 countries.




Alexander has deep experience in working with students, managers, engineers and senior leaders. Today his work covers a number of training areas including intercultural management and many other management topics.


Most recently, Alexander has held the position of Managing Director Europe & Middle East for BERLITZ CULTURAL CONSULTING. Before this, he was during 4 years Intercultural Consultant with JPB CONSULTING in Paris. In Germany, he worked during 4 years as customer manager for the DRESDNER BANK.


An appointed expert of international management, Alexander has devised and managed a large number of international consulting and training projects throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East for multinational companies. He has been invited to teach management at many universities in Europe (amongst them ENA and ESSEC in France) and he frequently speaks as keynote speaker and consults with executives at international conferences. He also published hundreds of articles and interviews all over Europe.


Alexander is holder of the International Business Studies diploma awarded by the Dresde Higher College (the course included one year of diploma equivalence at the Graduate School of Management, ESC in Lille/France). He also has a degree in psychology and therapy (Diploma: Consultant in Psychology) and is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and a Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA).


He is co-author of the best-selling book “Deutsch-französische Geschäftsbeziehungen erfolgreich managen” (Gabler), where the two cultures Germany and France are deeply analyzed.


He is married to a French and after having lived 10 years in France, he is now living between Frankfurt / Germany and Paris / France.

In addition to German, his mother tongue, Alexander is fluent in English and French and has some basic knowledge of the Spanish language.

Thank you for the powerful Coaching!

I was completely lost in what should be my next step in my career and how to get more work-life balance.
Alexander helped me to "open my eyes" and to get clear about my values in life. I now know what will be the first next step in my even more enriching (career) life.


Peter M.



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