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We are apecialized on International Career Coaching for High Potentials or Managers working in an international environment:

Goal Clarity / Resume & Interview Skills / Work-Life Balance / Earning The Money You Deserve (Salary negotiation) / Breaking Through Barriers / Next Career Step / Becoming self-employed / Outsourcing


We will work with you on your chosen topic(s) in looking forward and connecting to your personal sources and strengths. 

International Career Coaching

CV tuning and interview preparation

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions

What is the difference between a pure Coaching and Career Coaching?


It is 90% the same with one exception. Once the Coach asked all possible questions to the Coachee to bring on the surface the important things and ideas for solution (we believe that you have the best knowledge about you and your environment, so you are the expert for your life, not we), we ask for permission to add an outside view from another expert.


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