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With a few (sometimes only one!) session(s), you can change your life. Career Coaching is future oriented and will activate your existing resources to make this happen. The role of the Coach is to guide you, but you are the train driver in your life train, you sit in the drivers seat. 

To cite Timothy Gallwey: "As a coach, control what you can control: Your mouth!“ 

Take Control of



You are the expert of your life and not those who call themselves expert. You do perhaps not see all your great resources you have. We help you (re)discovering them and activate them for a happier life - in business and in private.

Stop Talking


Many people would love to change their life, if in private or in professional. It is good to have this will but sometimes we need a little support to really get into action.


Don't regret things you did not do in the past. You are the leader of your life and you can change more things than you think.


Many clients confirm us that Career Coaching helped them finding their way, stop talking only and start living.


We accompany you and you wil see that it is easier than you thought!

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Your Greatest Self.


Discovering your own power and energy is definitely one of the most motivating things. Many of our clients are surprised about their hidden resources and leave the sessions with not only a smile but also with a concrete idea about next steps in their minds.




Many people don't realise that they are driven by external forces. If this happens too much and for a too long period of time, we risk being manipulated by others.


Become aware of your own strengths and limits and learn how to use them in daily life.


Don't believe people saying "I don't think you can manage this!". If you can believe you can achieve.


Take control of your life and become less influenced about what others think about you.

Alexander Wurz

I came to Open-i-Coaching because I wanted to change my working life but was lost with all my ideas. Together with my Coach, I structured all my thoughts and all of a sudden the first steps became very clear.


Markus P.




Since many months I was frustrated in my job and with my boss. My Coach helped me to better understand the situation and to find concrete actions to highly improve my job.


Petra M.


I was looking for a new job for many months with no success. My Coach helped me in adapting my CV, preparing for the interview and... get a great new job. Thank you so much!


Patrick D.





I did not have the courage to ask my boss for a salary raise. Together with my Coach we developed a strategy which fitted my personality. With role plays I got much more self-assurance and finally I felt well prepared for my negotation with my boss.


David S.

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